I joined the horticulture industry straight after school, and quickly found I really enjoyed the industry so wanted to get a qualification under my belt. Due to working full time and not wanting to give up my job in the Bay of Plenty, the Lincoln L5 Diploma in Horticulture delivered regionally and part-time was the perfect opportunity. I took 2 papers a semester for 2 years, with a lecture after work hours in person delivered by Fruition Horticulture. This was the perfect balance as I could still work full-time as well as study and attend the lectures in the same region. I am solely working in the kiwifruit industry, and these papers have helped me to understand a wider range of knowledge that I can apply to my everyday work life working with plants, as well as allowing me to understand different crops which can lead to some great future opportunities outside of kiwifruit, and for my veggie garden! I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in choosing horticulture as their career path, or for anyone involved already that would be after a more technical and wider knowledge base.