Student Stories

Ryan's Story

Ryan sought to broaden his understanding and skills in the horticulture field, leading him to Fruition’s Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture. This educational journey was a turning point, resulting in a well-deserved promotion to product development, promotions, and sustainability manager at The Fresh Grower. The role was a testament to his new skills and a deeper understanding of the industry.

After completing his diploma, Ryan’s perspective on his work changed significantly. He developed a greater appreciation for each task’s significance within the larger horticultural landscape, recognising how individual roles contribute to horticultural success. This insight, coupled with the knowledge he acquired, boosted his confidence, making him more engaged in his daily responsibilities.

Reflecting on his experience, Ryan can only praise the programme: “I think the programme of study was remarkable. I have grown so much over the two years and learned much about the industry, the world, and myself. I will be recommending this course to everyone. I hope this course becomes well known worldwide as it is a life-changing diploma.”


For Ryan, the course was transformative, providing him with invaluable industry insights alongside great personal growth. His journey through the programme wasn’t just about gaining new knowledge. It helped reshape his professional view and approach to horticulture. Now, he strongly endorses the diploma, encouraging others to enrol and gain new and exciting opportunities in horticulture.


Fruition Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture Graduate

Alice's Story

After enrolling in Fruition’s Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture, Alice’s career took several steps forward. Not only did she earn a promotion, transitioning to an entirely new department at Waimea Nurseries, but her dedication and enhanced skills were recognised when she was nominated for the prestigious Carole Fraser Award through NZPPI, an honour she received amidst substantial competition.

The Fruition diploma significantly elevated Alice’s standing at work. Beyond respect, it brought her new responsibilities, including contributing to board reports and taking on budgeting tasks. Her workplace noted the initiative she showed in furthering her education, valuing the comprehensive insights and new knowledge Alice gained. Additionally, she became a verifier for the ITO, allowing her to mentor others and inspiring their growth and learning.

“I am now one of the most qualified people at Waimea Nurseries. For a staff of 200 people, that’s quite an achievement,” Alice reflects proudly on her accomplishments.

Alice endorses the Fruition Diploma in Horticulture whenever she can. She appreciated the collaborative and supportive learning environment, which was a huge factor in managing full-time work alongside her studies. “It is a course worth doing. I have nothing but good things to say. You guys do such an amazing job – thank you for letting me be part of the course,” she asserts.


For Alice, the journey through Fruition’s programme was not just about education; it was transformational on a professional and personal level. The course didn’t just prepare her for a step up in her career; it helped her make a significant leap, one that’s recognized and respected by her peers and superiors alike.


Fruition Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture Graduate

Kyra's Story

Embarking on Fruition’s Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture, Kyra was able to grow her existing role using her newfound knowledge. While she remained in her current position, completing her diploma led to increased responsibilities, taking on sustainability practices within her role. This addition did more than just increase her day-to-day tasks, but improved her job satisfaction and opened the door to future promotions and opportunities.

The diploma programme played a crucial role in bolstering Kyra’s personal confidence in her technical abilities. With the knowledge and skills acquired, she gained proficiency in completing product investigations, creating detailed reports, and making informed recommendations. This newfound confidence was not just a personal gain; it added significant value to her day-to-day work.

Kyra speaks highly of the Fruition Diploma, particularly highlighting its relevance to her professional life. The programme’s flexibility stood out, allowing her to learn different topics, all contributing to gaining more opportunities in horticulture. The course structure also allowed her to discover her strengths in critical analysis, as opposed to memorising content for exams.

“It turns out that I’m good at critical analysis but not good at regurgitating information for an exam,” Kyra reflects, an insight into her learning style that the course catered to effectively.


For Kyra, Fruition’s diploma was not just about pursuing education, but about discovering her capabilities, pushing the boundaries in her current role, and setting herself up for multiple growth opportunities. The practical and flexible learning environment played a significant role in her professional development, making her journey with Fruition a pivotal moment of her career.


Fruition Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture Graduate