Advance your career with our NZ-wide team of industry experts. We offer a range of courses for people of all ages and experience levels.

With classrooms across the country and the option to attend online, study from anywhere based on what works best for you.

Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production (Level 6)

Our flagship Level 6 Diploma in Horticulture Production is tailored to meet the needs and fill current gaps of knowledge in the industry. It is suited for those who already have experience working in horticulture and want to upskill and move into more senior positions.

Read about our success stories and more details about the diploma by visiting the Level 6 Diploma page below.

Fruition Diploma (Level 6)

Hei Whanake Programme (Level 2)

Our Level 2 Programme: Hei Whanake is perfect for school leavers or those aged between 16-24. Study Horticulture with us and learn everything you need to get a job in the Horticulture industry. We provide all transport and lunches, all you need to do is show up. And it’s 100% completely FREE1 – how good is that?

During the course we attempt to find you work experience as part of your learning.2 This looks good when applying for jobs in the future, and puts money into your bank today. After completing the course you will have the skills to enter a job in Horticulture, such as an orchard worker, harvester, vineyard hand, farm assistant, or various other horticulture-based roles.

If you or someone you know may be interested in this free course, click the button below for further information on eligibility, course dates, locations, tutors, content and more.

Hei Whanake (Level 2)

1. – The course is funded by the Government’s Youth Guarantees Fund. You must be eligible for this fund to have your fees covered. See the Level 2 Course Page for more information. 2. – We do our best to find paid work experience for all Level 2 students. Sometimes despite our best efforts we cannot find you any, in which case different learning options will be available.

Lincoln University Regional Diploma in Horticulture (Level 5)

Lincoln University’s Level 5 Diploma is delivered by Fruition in the Bay of Plenty and Nelson regions. Come to class with other students and complete the Lincoln papers with local tutors, peers, support, classes and exams.

Lincoln Diploma (Level 5)

Vakameasina RSE Programme

Vakameasina is the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) worker training programme. This programme provides free courses for RSE workers from the Pacific Islands. For more information, visit the Vakameasina Website using the button below.

Vakameasina Website