Production Enhancement is the first course in the Fruition Level 6 Diploma of Horticulture. We offer the course both online and in the classroom, allowing the flexibility to join the class from anywhere in New Zealand. All lectures are recorded for your convenience – though we do recommend attending live wherever possible.

See below for the course outline, description, field trip info and 2023 dates.

For information on fees, funding and the overall diploma, visit the following page: Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production

Course Outline

Course name: Production Enhancement
Course code: DHP6.001
Credit value: 20
Duration: 12 weeks
Level: 6

Purpose and Course Description:

The aim of this course is to develop students’ knowledge and skills in critical data analysis to understand historical production enhancements and forecast trends within horticulture.

Course Topics:

  • Analysis of key industries in NZ horticulture including timeline, performance analysis and strategic factors instrumental in their relative success.
  • Using analysis to identify opportunities for performance improvement of industries and enterprises.
  • Understanding and managing environmental aspects of horticultural enterprises.
  • Methods and tools for analysis of spotlighted industries and enterprises including use of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Principles and tools for industry forecasting.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Research, using quantitative and qualitative data, to forecast trends in horticulture.
  2. Evaluate productivity data in a horticultural workplace and identify opportunities for improving performance.
  3. Recommend opportunities for production enhancements based on analysis of trends.
  4. Construct and validate a rationale for change that will lead to production enhancements within a horticultural production system.

Graduate Profile Outcomes:

This course meets the criteria of the following Graduate Profile Outcomes for the overall programme:

  1. Critically analyse data to determine production and performance trends.
  2. Critically analyse products, techniques or technologies that contribute to business outcomes.
  3. Research, design, and manage ongoing strategies for continuous improvement of horticulture production or technologies.

Delivery Methods:

  • Online and Classroom based Tutorials
  • Workplace Learning
  • 1-Day Fieldtrip and Workshop
  • Self Directed Learning

Field Trip:

This course will include a compulsory 1-day fieldtrip and workshop programme covering a range of horticultural operations and presentations from leading growers, industry, and processor representatives.
Students are encouraged to join us in person for this if they are able to, however there will be alternate methods of delivery for those unable to attend in person.
Alternate methods of delivery can include recordings of field trip sessions when allowed, and debriefs with attendees during class time on the same day.

The Production Enhancement 2023 Field Trip is scheduled for the day of Wednesday, 8th February 2023.

Expected study hours per week:

  • Directed Learning (Live Classes): 5 hours/week
  • Self Directed Learning: 5 hours/week
  • Workplace Learning: 7 hours/week
  • Total Weekly Learning Hours: 17 (10 hours/week outside of work, 7 hours/week while working)


There are no formal prerequisites to enrol in the course. For more information, please view the Entry Criteria of the Diploma Overview page: Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production

2023 Key Dates:

Activity Date
Orientation/”O” Week Tuesday, 17th January 2023
Week 1 Class Wednesday, 18th January 2023
Fieldtrip (1 day) Wednesday, 8th February 2023
Week 12 Wednesday, 5th April 2023

Assessment Information:

Assessments in this course are achievement based. There are three (3) assessments that will be completed over the duration of the course. A brief outline below, with full assessment details available to enrolled students.

In order to pass the course, a minimum of 50% of the total available marks must be obtained. Merit and Excellence endorsements are achieved at higher grades. We are here to help you achieve, and offer as much support as possible where needed. We know it can be intimidating coming into a new course, and we are here to help. Life can be busy – especially in the industry, and we offer flexibility with deadlines where appropriate. There is no final exam, rather simply an industry report that will be worked on in stages as explained below.

Assessment 1: Workplace Reflective Journals (20% of course total)
This assessment will support you to identify, critique, and evaluate continuous improvement within your professional development, workplace and/or the Horticultural Industry.
You are to complete two workplace reflective journals. Each is worth 10% of the total course grade. Journal 1 is due midnight Sunday in week 2, and Journal 2 is due midnight Sunday in week 3. You will also have the option to complete a formative reflective journal, which is especially recommended for new students. You will get good feedback on this which can help guide your graded two journals. Each journal has a specific focus topic which will be discussed during class time.

Assessment 2: Field trip report (20% of course total)
Assessment 2 is made up of five different sections. You must be able to participate in either the field trip, class, preferably both on Wednesday 8th February 2023 in order to complete and receive grades for the group work sections of this assignment.

Assessment 3: Industry Report (60% of course total)
This assessment is broken into three sections.

  1. Industry Report Plan
  2. Final Industry Report
  3. Industry Report Presentation

The industry report plan will be the first section due. This is so that you can get feedback on where you are headed, and to ensure you are on the right track for your final report.
The presentation is a short 5-minute presentation and Q&A session based on the findings in your final report.
More details, including section weightings, tips and exemplars are available to students.

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