Tū Te Wana: Foundation to Employment

The programme leads to the, NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2)

Tū Te Wana

Our Level 2 programme 'Tū Te Wana' is designed to address employment challenges for it's learners while supporting the learner to identify barriers and overcome such obstacles, Our programme is fully funded and has a work-integrated learning approach that prepares youth/rangatahi (16-19 years) to enter Primary industries, in particular horticulture.

NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills

  • Accreditation: NZQA Level 2
  • Credits: 60
  • Location: Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay
  • Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Funding: Youth Guarantee

Programme Information

This programme is a 16 week course focusing on the soft skills required to function successfully in the workplace as well as acquire basic horticultural skills. Pastoral care of our rangatahi (15-19 years old) is provided throughout their student journey which including a pick-up and drop-off service for the duration of the programme. Successful graduates will be provided opportunities for possible employment throughout the programme and gain the New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2) on completion. Programme Outcomes include: Orchard Worker, Harvester, Vineyard Hand, Farm Assistant.

  • Health & Safety
  • Entry Level Skills
  • Self-Management
  • Berry Fruit
  • Fruit Production
  • Post Harvest
  • Viticulture
Unit Title Level Credit Version
23540 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards, hazard control, & the consequences of injury in a rural workplace 2 5 1
23541 Locate hazards, describe safety;procedures, and demonstrate safe work practices in a rural workplace 2 5 1
Unit Title Level Credit Version
19044 Demonstrate knowledge of the legal requirements and hazards associated with tractor use 2 3 3
19145 Describe hydration, nutrition, and sleep in relation to physical well-being of agriculture workers 2 4 2
23359 Maintain hygiene to ensure food safety in a horticultural workplace 2 5 2
816 Demonstrate knowledge of fruit production in New Zealand 2 5 5
Unit; Title Level Credit Version
9677 Communicate in a team or group which has an objective 2 3 10
1277 Communicate information in a specified workplace 2 3 7
543 Work in a new workplace 1 3 8
1299 Be assertive in a range of specified situations 2 4 9
12349 Demonstrate knowledge of time management 2 3 6
4252 Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae) 2 2 8
830Train and prune fruit trees356
29841Recognise plant pests, diseases, and disorders of a horticulture crop351
29498Hand thin buds, flowers or fruit under close supervision231
29497Hand prune fruit trees under close supervision281
Unit No Title Level Credit Version
23356 Prepare packaging for horticultural produce under close supervision 2 5 2
29500 Pack graded horticultural produce and close containers under close supervision 2 5 1
Unit No Title Level Credit Version
29493 Carry out basic canopy maintenance of trees or vines under close supervision 2 5 1
29513 Train and prune young vines under close supervision 2 5 1