Application Form

The purpose of this form is to obtain the information we need to apply and enrol you into a qualification at Fruition. We also need to collect information from you which is required by government agencies for statistical and registration reasons.
Please fill in the form properly by:

  • Completing all sections of the form.
  • Attach any/all required documentation e.g birth certificate.
  • Signing the form on final page.

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What are your contact details?
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What are your Address?

To be treated as a domestic student, and so be entitled to the Government tuition subsidy, you must be:

  • a citizen of New Zealand, or
  • a permanent resident of New Zealand, or
  • a citizen or permanent resident of Australia residing in New Zealand.
You must provide evidence of the above status and attach a copy on the following page.
The orginal documenetation of citizenship or permanent residency will be required and sighted during your programme induction.
To do so you must produce one of the following:
  • Birth certificate with place of birth stated as New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Niue.
  • New Zealand passport.
  • A certificate of identity.
  • A statement of Whakapapa, including date of birth, countersigned by a kaumatua.
  • A New Zealand certificate of citizenship.
  • Overseas passport with residency stamp.
Please provide copy of your ID.
Please feel free to summarise if needed.