Where Production Meets Post Harvest
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About The Paper
Where Production Meets Post Harvest

This paper is one of six papers that make up the full Fruition Level 6 Diploma, our Horticulture Production course that is completed over two years.

Fruition is offering this single “Where Production Meets Post Harvest” paper as a micro credential, meaning you can gain knowledge from this amazing paper without having to commit to the full diploma.

This course will develop students’ knowledge and skills to analyse and understand horticultural production systems from ‘paddock’ to plate, and the impact of these systems on product quality the consumer experience.

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Paper Tutors

Dr David Tanner

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Food Engineering 
Bachelor’s Degree, B. Hort (Tech) Hons

Prior to forming Start Afresh, David had eight years of leadership experience with leading global horticultural brand company Zespri International, with the past six years in an executive leadership team position (as General Manager, Science & Innovation). Prior to that, he had five years with the global top-six R&D authority in Australia (CSIRO), where he managed and undertook research from Australasian Food Industry.

Sandy Scarrow, Managing Director

Sandy Scarrow

Bachelor of Horticultural Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Horticulture, Business and Administration

Sandy was born into a horticultural family and made production horticulture her career when, after graduating with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science from Massey, she began working as a Horticultural Advisor with MAF 36 years ago. Over that time, Sandy has worked with growers and the wider industry to implement technological changes that have lifted production and improved other outputs.

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Production systems and post-harvest performance in horticultural industries and enterprises.

Processes for product improvement to right through to the customer.

Analysis of inputs and outputs and key systems to assure quality, environmental, and social impacts from 'paddock' to plate.

Business-specific, get the chance to make recommendations and apply your learning in a real-time environment.

Global trends and insights into the production systems and the cutting-edge innovation happening right now in the industry.

People and culture and the effects of great work environments on overall production efficiency.

Industry-leading case studies, understanding the WHY of how New Zealand's leading businesses are so good at what they do.

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About The Fruition
Level 6 Diploma

Fruition’s Diploma in Horticulture Production is the only Horticulture Diploma offered at Level 6 in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is part-time across two years with classes on Wednesday evenings. You can attend from anywhere in the country online, or come to the in-person classroom, which is live-streamed to the cohort. No worries if you miss a class – they are all recorded for you to re-watch later.

Completing this diploma will give you the skills and knowledge needed to move into higher-up managerial positions in the horticulture industry or to manage your business better. This diploma has a focus on the local Aotearoa New Zealand industry.

There are six papers over the two years. Assessments are report-based, with no final exams. You will be graded on the quality of your work throughout each paper.

Each paper has a field trip (three per year). Once per year, we have a compulsory three-day field trip; the fees for this are included with your tuition. Aside from the compulsory three-day field trip, we also have two one-day field trips, which can be attended online or in person.

Learners who successfully complete the programmes following Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs) will be awarded the New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture Production (Level 6) [Ref: 2667] with a strand in Process Improvement. Graduates will be able to:

  • Critically analyse data to determine production and performance trends
  • Critically analyse products, techniques or technologies that contribute to business outcomes
  • Research, design, and manage ongoing strategies for continuous improvement of horticulture production or technologies


Graduates of this programme will be able to apply in-depth horticulture production knowledge and skills to inform strategic business decisions.  Learners will develop advanced technical skills to enable enhanced employment opportunities across a range of horticulture production operations.  The horticulture industry will benefit by having experienced technical specialists who can optimise workplace efficiency and lift the competitive edge of organisations servicing the domestic and international markets.

The Diploma is made up of six individual courses. You do not need to complete a previous course to start a new one, which means new enrolments can join at the start of any course to begin their journey of completing all six. The topics of each 12-week course for the diploma are:

  • DHP6.001 – Production Enhancements
  • DHP6.002 – Performance Management
  • DHP6.003 – Technology Trends
  • DHP6.004 – Product Innovations
  • DHP6.005 – Where Production Meets Postharvest
  • DHP6.006 – Continuous Improvement

The programme runs on a rolling intake system. This means you can begin with any course and continue for the two years until you have completed all six courses.

2024 Dates


DHP6.004 – Product Innovations


Orientation16th January 2024
Week 117th January 2024
Field Trip (1 day)7th February 2024
Week 123rd April 2024


DHP6.005 – Where Production Meets Postharvest


Orientation4th June 2024
Week 15th June 2024
Field Trip (1 day)26th June 2024
Week 1221st August 2024


DHP6.006 – Continuous Improvement


Orientation10th September 2024
Week 111th September 2024
Field Trip (3 days)24th-26th October 2024
Week 1227th November 2024


2025 Dates


DHP6.001 – Production Enhancement


Orientation14th January 2025
Week 115th January 2025
Field Trip (1 day)5th February 2025
Week 122nd April 2025


DHP6.002 – Performance Management


Orientation3rd June 2025
Week 14th June 2025
Field Trip (1 day)25th June 2025
Week 1220th August 2025


DHP6.003 – Technology Trends


Orientation9th September 2025
Week 110th September 2025
Field Trip (3 days)7th-9th October 2025
Week 1226th November 2025

There are no prerequisites. Entry to the programme of study will be in order of receipt of applications and enrolments by applicants who meet the entry criteria required under the programme regulations and have appropriate capabilities to complete the programme of study successfully.

Successful completion of a Level 4 Certificate or above (or equivalent), preferably in the Primary Industries subject area, OR

For applicants 20 years or older without the above academic criteria, evidence of relevant knowledge, experience, and the ability to undertake tertiary study at the diploma level is required. In this case, the applicant must participate in an enrolment interview to verify the evidence.

In exceptional circumstances, an applicant who does not meet the academic entry requirements may be granted entry to the Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production, where they supply evidence to satisfy the Academic Committee of their ability to succeed in the programme.

Students must demonstrate significant workplace experience (e.g. a supervisory and/or management role OR equivalent) within the horticulture industry.

Students will be required to provide evidence that they can progress through the programme of study. This may require any or more of the following:

  • Pre-Enrolment Interview
  • Challenge assessments
  • Submission of a portfolio of work

Further details about entry criteria are contained in the supporting documentation.

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